Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'll love you forever, it is written

This woman has gotten Anderson Cooper tattooed onto her leg. That's not even very weird when you consider that she has Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa on the other one.

Got any tattoos? I have never really wanted to get a tattoo myself. For one thing, I don't like pain. For another, I know, deep down, how fickle I am... and how I can't think of anything that should be permanently written on me. I guess "MOM" is a pretty safe bet for most people.

I have often thought about how people would feel about their tattoos many years later -- like when the guy who gets the swastika inked on his head ends up in a nursing home, depending on all sorts of people to help him just get through the day in one piece. Then there's the love affair that ends badly, like Johnny Depp's "Winona Forever" that he had changed to "Wino Forever".

Skulls, dragons, flames, wizards, snakes, butterflies, panthers... those don't ever go out of style.

Star Wars inking found on Neatorama. More really "interesting" and hilarious ones, some NSFW, here.

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FreakyNick said...

LOL - Wino Forever.

Some women do that to men. (and vice versa, also). ;-)

BBC said...

*Gasp* .. I'm going to hell? Well, I will just have to take the light with me. Gotta have good light to clean a joint up before a party.

As for tattoos, I really don't get it. They are expensive for one thing, and then they fuss because they can't afford to buy a home. Hello?

Having said that though, I do have a tattoo. Did it myself when I was about sixteen, it's a small heart on my right arm.

Anonymous said...

Sweetjeebus, Blueberry, WARN us before we scroll down. I jumped damn near clean outta my chair. Holy crap, that is just about the creepiest thing I EVER saw.
No tats here, although, I'm seriously thinking about a tiny diamond stud in my nose. Really.

Blueberry said...

HCG: are you talking about the link with the NSFW tat - the one that was probably the most painful?? heee hee, yeah, sorry. Pretty wild!

Michael Bains said...

I've got 2 kanji tats: "Karma" at the base of my neck and "Comedy-Tragedy" inside my right biceps.

They're both well-done and cheap too. $50 and $70 respectively.

One day I may get that snake around my left arm and over the shoulder, but I'm in no hurry. Might just go with "D.N.R." on my chest. Time will tell.

Michael Bains said...

BTW BB, the arm one did indeed sting a bit, but gettin' the neck ink was a nirvanic experience!

I'm mean it. The vibration, buzzz and pressure of the artist's arm on my spine as she drew it were seriously relaxing.

Blueberry said...

MB: sounds like the endorphins kicked in! I've heard from people that the ankle is the most painful.

...except maybe that one at the bottom of this page...

Of course I have no concept of EXACTLY what it would be like.

Michael Bains said...

What the ?? {shakin'head}

Dudes would HAVE TO have had Viagra Enemas in order to stay up for those!

What the ....?

Yuck! LOL!

Anonymous said...

How will someone look years from now with the tatoos? The present appearance is scary enough for this guy whose mug shot is on display at The Smoking Gun.