Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lucas would have had a cameo as Sauron

Video: what if George Lucas had directed The Lord of the Rings?
Alert: geek-out ahead, clear the area.
I guess I qualify as a bit of a geek and a fangirl. A bit of understatement there. I AM THOSE THINGS. Back in the 80's, even when I still believed in the Mighty Jehovah, there was someone I worshipped just as much and it was George Lucas. I was not a child when this happened to me, I was in my 30s... hence the geek title. It was pure escapism from a whole bunch of stuff that wasn't any fun at all.

After Return of the Jedi (which did not measure up to the other two, but was still worthy to be ranked among them) I got caught up in other interests, plus a huge dose of "real life", and eventually sold my very nice collection of stuff and brushed the love affair aside. Old loves die hard, sometimes not at all, so of course I went to see the second trilogy... had to see each one 2 or 3 times just to make sure that they sucked as much as I had thought on first viewing. I give stuff a chance to redeem itself by having the opportunity to show me something I didn't see the first around. Love is like this... right? Sad disappointments, all 3. Plus Hayden Christenson (Darth Vader, eps 2 & 3) looks a hell of a lot like my nephews so that's weird in itself. Also, there were lots of really good actors all turning in mediocre performances (I'm seeing a pattern). Lucas would rather eliminate the actors altogether and just digitize everything, which is FINE if you still have passion and soul and heart and brilliance. Gaaahhh!!

I now love the Lord of the Rings trilogy as much as I used to love the old Star Wars, although, thankfully I am not using them escape from some ugly situation. Anyway, I got a big kick out of this video.

(Maybe getting on a movie kick this time of year IS an escape from something ugly after all. Christmas christmas christmas... where's the barf bag?)

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