Thursday, November 16, 2006

If you've seen Del Castillo, he's on the far left

Happy birthday today to Austin's own, the awesome Rick del Castillo, who is one of the finest guitar players I can think of, and a heck of a nice guy too.

Paz, Amor, y Musica Latina!

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Anonymous said...

Blueberry, somehow I missed this post earlier. But WOW! Where do they play? I clicked on the link and up popped this gorgeous window with this gorgeous man playing this gorgeous music. Alas, no info on where they play. Must.Have.Info.

Blueberry said...

HCG, you would love them. Everyone I know who's seen one show has been hooked. They are back from lots of touring, sometimes as opening act for Styx, Los Lonely Boys and others, so I don't know when or where the next show is. Los Lonely Boys used to open for them before LLB got so famous.

Their performances are amazing.

Rick and his brother Mark del Castillo are the only related ones in the band, and are equally good guitarists, then they've got great percussion and Alex Ruiz on vocals. Wow!

Go to the website, they have a myspace page link and a forum. If I hear of a show in Austin or San Antonio, I'll let you know.