Thursday, May 01, 2008

Furbaby Friday - Cat rodeo

Henry and Jax are moving over this week for a guest star on the catblog. No, I didn't snag this on Cute Overload. This unbelievable cutester was one of the stars of last Saturday's Eeyore's Birthday Party.
Here she is with her owner (but you have to ask who owns who... right?), and when she wasn't on his shoulders or looking cute in a tree, she would walk on a leash -- surrounded by dogs of all sizes.
I think she takes the prize for the cutest furbaby at the party.

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Gadfly said...

For something completely different, it’s time for Friday SCATblogging with some pricey dinoscat.

Freida Bee said...

What an awesome cat. I have a cat that would probably hang like that. He lets me hold him and carry him around more than any cat I've ever known. Surely, there are cat carriers that are liek those baby back packs.

Quasi said...

I wonder if this kitteh saw Daisy the Curly Cat's cowgirl outfit? Yeee Hawww!