Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pol Parrot

Parrot Loves Obama

Obviously this parrot has been to an Obama rally. He's got all the popular chants down:
"Yes We Can"
"Hey spunky butt".... WHAAAA?


Utah Savage said...

I think I saw this on Olbermann last night. I love this parrot. Yes we can. Has it learned the spanish version yet? I'm trashing Hillary today. I'm in a hating Hillary kind of mood. She may be a fighter but she sure isn't much of a good sport. Fuck the party fuck the nation, fuck the people, but she did grub 22 mil out of the little people so she could pay herself band with a couple of mil for Mark Penn. Oh, sorry, is the a clean language site?

Blueberry said...

Olbermann had a parrot on but I think it was the one who memorized his home address.

No need to watch language here. I've tried to chase the kids out of the room. ;-) It they're still here it's not my fault.

I am looking forward to the day when I'm not steaming over the "Daily Hillary", but it just keeps going and going. I hate how it's dividing us lefties at the time when we need to be united behind someone. The Clintonistas have taken me off their blogroll and vice-versa. This is the wrong time to be DIVISIVE, and he's not guilty of that... she's the spunky butt divisive one.

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Hey there long time no chat no visit no blog.

I see that you support Obama. Well, I guess you can call me one of those low-info, downmarket gay Chicanos who are called Clintonistas.

Truly progressive people would reject his partnering with Donnie McClurkin, the anti-gay preacher who stood with George W Bush in 2004 fighting gay rights.

I find Obama offensive since he hasn't made ONE comment regarding gay rights. Why should he though? I would certainly like to see some political courage on his part. Not just a bunch of yes we cans and hope and change.

I started out supporting Obama. But if he thinks that good ol' Donnie is a great partnership, then more power to him. No self-respecting homosexual would support Barack after McClurkin likened gays to "prostitutes who are full of pride."

I am not a prostitute, but I do have my pride.

enigma4ever said...

Hey Blueberry...
that was great....wonderful....thank you...I love that little parrot..( but if it was in my home -that would really get to me after awhile..they are really smart...)

Blueberry said...

TPC: You are one of the folks who ended up on the other side of the big divider wall that now exists in the Democratic Party... and and I don't care if Bill Clinton disagrees with me, this is NOT a healthy thing for the Party. We should all be pushing together against McCain right now instead of whacking each other to their delight.

The only candidate who was in favor of full gay rights including marriage was Kucinich, and I originally supported him, but of course he had no chance of winning because he was too liberal. The remaining two candidates we have are not bold enough to be in favor of anything stronger than a civil union.

All three of the candidates have been closely associated with very unsavory religious people. Did you read about this?. They have all tried to wave their Christianity around like a flag throughout their careers as politians (as politicians will do), and it has been backfiring.

Unfortunately, America is not ready for a reason-based (read: humanist, agnostic, atheist, secular, using their own brain to make decisions instead of praying to a supernatural [and I think "imaginary"] being) President who fully supports gay rights that include marriage.

(Hell!! The fact that Kucinich was anti-corporate and a vegetarian was enough to doom his candidacy right there)

Anyway, I hope that you aren't leaving the party over Hillary that I've been reading about people doing. That is exactly the kind of division I am talking about. We don't need McCain. A McCain presidency is unthinkable to me.

Yes, I love Obama and think Hillary should have dropped out awhile back. I agree with many party leaders in that respect. She has conducted her campaign in such a way that I have lost respect for her -- and I loved the Clintons -- that's a lot of respect to lose.

If she were the nominee, I would vote for her, in a heartbeat, over McCain.

DivaJood said...

Oh, my god, this is too funny for words. I'm crying. Also picking oatmeal off the screen.

I have to add you to my blogroll