Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mandolins, fiddles, guitars (banjo too)

Friday was The Greencards' show at Threadgill's. We have missed them since they moved to Nashville. We don't get to see them very often. They were afraid that people might have forgotten them here. Not so. The place was packed with fans and friends.

Sarah Jarosz opened. Her set was wonderful. The most surprising thing about Sarah over the years has been they way her voice has developed. Her playing (mandolin and banjo) is incredible, of course, but that was apparent way back when. Anyway, she covered a Patty Griffin song ("Be Careful") and did it absolute justice. We were floored. We are big fans of Patty, her perfect voice and amazing songs. Sarah's big announcement was that she's just been signed to Sugar Hill Records, and will be cutting a record with Gary Paczosa(puh-CHO-zuh) as Producer, who is known for working with Alison Krauss, Nickel Creek, Dixie Chicks, Tim O'Brien, and many more, including The Greencards.

It was a fantastic show, and The Greencards had a couple of new songs for us, never before heard in Austin. The new songs always amaze me, they are always so good and instantly likable. ("catchy tunes"). Also, I got introduced from the stage... so that's an honor that I don't often get. This is a nice bunch of folks! Here's video of The Greencards' finale with Sarah and Warren Hood (Hoodlums, Waybacks) onstage.

Saturday was a house concert (Prostate Cancer Awareness) benefit for Van Wilks, and I have video from that too, but it will need to process, and I want to get permission from Van beforehand too. This was the first of two benefits, with the next one being at Antone's on June 8 (and will include Eric Johnson). Today, Sunday, is Mandolin Mayhem, so more about that after the fact. The weather has turned beautiful, after 2 of the hottest, muggiest days of the year.

So we are benefit-poor from this weekend, but I managed to win tickets on KUT to see Cherryholmes next Sunday night, which will follow another Greencards show up in Pflugerville in the afternoon. It can sure get busy around here.

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