Tuesday, May 06, 2008


It's another blogiversary! This blog is 3 years old today. I never dreamed I would be a blogger, being the shy type with lots of baggage. Turns out, that's the perfect recipe for a blogger! who knew? I will also pass 1,200 posts this week. That 1,000th post went by unnoticed. I'm sure it was brilliant!! heh heh.

Originally, I intended this to be a weekly roundup of events, then it got to where it more than daily on the average. You know what it's like. It's habit-forming. All topics are fair game here. I write a lot about this town (Austin) and events that we take in here. I love the local music scene.

I’ve never had a really high readership, it has leveled out at around 50 a day, with a few occasional bump-ups when I’ve pissed off someone’s fan base, made someone’s fan base happy, or gotten a linkback from CNN or The Darwin Awards.
This blog is occasionally personal. I did have a very unusual childhood, and adulthood too. When I mention family here, I want to stress that I mean MY family and not MrB’s.

I love the news of the weird. Bizarre, tacky, absurd. I also write about religion, the weirdness that happens because of it, and the right to not believe. I respect everyone’s beliefs unless they involve hurting others, but at the same time I am quite irreverent and cynical toward them.

I do cat blogging every week, and have not missed many. I enter the weekly posts in Carnivals, and I always keep them free of politics, religion, or any ideology other than pure cat-worship. I am a big animal-lover.

Lastly, there’s the subject of politics, which is coming up more than I want right now because of this damned Democratic nomination race. I want that part to be over ASAP so we can end McCain’s vacation and start making him work for the prize he wants (and will get by default if we don’t stop this bloodletting)

Thank you all for reading.

To cap off the “threme”, here’s Christopher Walken reading the story of the Three Little Pigs, as only he can tell it.


enigma4ever said...

I love your blog- and have since day one...and 1200 posts WOOOOOOWWWW.....that is something....keep it up.....it's wonderful...

Freida Bee said...

Happy Blogiversary, Blueberry!

If my statcounter serves me right, we are within a mile of each other often; if you ever want to have tea or coffee, let me know.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Happy blogaversary. You have one of the best blogs going. Thanks for your great mix of subjects.

Nava said...

Happy Birthday!!!

3 years - that's impressive!!!

Gadfly said...

Speaking of catblogging...

Here's some Friday SCATblogging — let’s name a sewer plant after Bush!

John Good said...

My belated congrats! =)