Friday, May 16, 2008

Trains, planes or automobiles?

Planning on traveling for vacation and want to be as green as possible? The Sierra Club has a quiz on travel methods called "How Green Is My Getaway?"

I scored 80%. Now all I need is the getaway. We can't afford to travel, and besides it would require medically-savvy pet sitters that I trust -- so that's another thing that doesn't exist along with vacation funds. I need to do something about this underemployed situation of mine.


Utah Savage said...

I have the ability to ignore ads when ever or where ever they appear. There is this annoying young blogger here in Salt Lake is making large dollars, like maybe 100k a year advertising on her blog. She writes Mormon family funny stuff. She has a very large following here--has had a newspaper story done about her. I think her blog is insipid and silly, but who am I but a bitter old bitch. However I'm not averse to pimping yourself out whenever you have the chance. Use it or lose it baby. Or write for art's sake and worry about money. I have never made a living writing, but you can dream can't you? I dream of wining the pulitzer and remaining anonymous, a mystery woman. I think your cartoon is very New Yorker. That's the only reason I used to subscribe to the New Yorker.

This is really odd, but the squiggly code word is godcum

Blueberry said...

godcum. Now there's a concept.

100k a year? wow.