Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Skin deep thoughts

[LINK] This is a free tattoo being offered by a Hillary supporter in Baltimore. He thought that offering the tattoo would give Clinton more exposure. (I am wondering who in this country actually thinks she needs more exposure!!! I guess that question is answered.) The location of the tattoo is interesting... on the upper thigh... you can see a few short curlies... I am thinking that if Bill Clinton had been graced with this, he might never have ended up in the kind of trouble that got him impeached. At least it would have served as a possible deterrent. You think? (probably not)

All this HRC talk about being the better candidate because of getting the uneducated, white supporters... seems to me if you were a Democrat (and all Democrats in power are wanting to unify the Party, right? regardless of which groups might prefer you?) and you thought a whole bloc of people were voting for candidates based on their skin color or gender, that you might want to say a few words to inspire the populace to not be doing that. Tell them to vote for you, that's one thing, but to brag about your divisiveness is another.

If you are part of that bloc of voters who'd vote for a road kill possum before a black person, whether or not you've already got the Hillary on your thigh, consider the one below*:

...and if you're game for that one, you might be radical enough for this one, you shit-for-brains racist hick:

In fact, you just might be part of the demographic who would be proud to sport this*:



enigma4ever said...

okay...I have to admit yours is a much snarkier post- but you nailed it- you even made laugh....which has been hard...but you are right WHY would she point out her ability to divide as a strength- because Mark Penn- her Strategery Czar told her too....after all his years of Union Busting - we see the effect...I think also we might be seeing WHY her Healthcare Plan failed in the Nineties- she is not good at uniting people- but she is a pro at Division...

great post....
the "art" is priceless...

( and people ask me why I don't date ? I would bet the photos are from Ohio.....jus sayin')

( WHO the hell would get Hill tattoed and why the thigh???)

Mando Mama said...

Preach it, woman!

That tattoo makes Hilary look like she's batshit crazy. No matter how much I love someone or something, the idea of permanently etching a representative image on any part of my body with a tiny needle over the course of 2 hours is just not something I can do to show my love. Much like, keeping my upper thighs to myself is my contribution to a safer, happier society.