Thursday, May 08, 2008

Purrsday Night Mews

To start out the news roundup, here's a wonderful story about a woman who saves stray cats in Iraq. Her name is Louise and they call her the "Cat Lady of Baghdad." (that story is for real, folks)

Next up is the latest innovation in feline transport. I found this out there in blogworld.

This is not even a cat, but who could protest the inclusion of such incredible cuteness? This is so cute, it actually hurts. He's got money and needs to spend it!
Holy Hedgehogs! [LINK] This is one of three hedgehogs born May 7, 2008, a month before their due date. The momma hedgehog gave birth to the triplets a day after she was found starving underneath a shed in Britain. (Steven Haywood/SWNS.COM)

Jax couldn't be bothered with the news, though... not when there's a classic movie on TV.

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Utah Savage said...

I especially liked the mono-rail "cat."

lisa said...

Fun links and info! Mono-rail cat is hilarious, I had a real cat that used to slide down the stair railing, but not as smoothly! :)