Saturday, May 24, 2008

Will this scrape off the Teflon?

You've probably seen this absolutely scorching Special Comment by Keith Olbermann, but here it is in case you haven't.

Full transcript at AmericaBLOG.

I find it interesting that Hill has uttered this stuff about "assassination in June" 3 times previous to the Friday incident. I wish it had been called out before.

March 6th, TIME magazine, in interview (print)
May 7th, Washington, to supporters after Indiana primary
May 7th, Shepherdstown West VA
May 23rd, Sioux Falls, South Dakota <--- finally busted Maybe this one will stick. I'm watching the delegate count at this site. It's a painfully slow trickle.

Magic numbers as of tonight, May 25, delegates needed to win, small number is better ;-) :
Obama 52
Clinton 246

This is without MI and FL because how those numbers are still unresolved.

The little browsing I've done of the pro-Clinton sites show that their support is even more strengthened by this. In fact, one site (blog) in particular that I will not link to, but it's called "The Confluence", and in one post defending the RFK remark, they reference a FoxNews blogger's entry as valid source material (WTF?), and their own blog entry read as such:
Apparently it took the creative mind of Drudge to inspire the Obama campaign to tastelessly exploit the death of an American icon for political gain, in the very same week his sole surviving brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor… very classy. Now this is the kind of thing we expect from Drudge, but from a Democratic presidential candidate, and the left blogosphere? It appears that is the path they are choosing. But they still have some lessons to learn from the pros.

They think it's Obama who has done what their candidate has done? How delusional. [EDIT May 26: It's not just the bloggers slinging shit using Fox News as a weapon. Terry McAuliffe himself is using Fox to make this outrageous claim]

See, there are lots of people who are so koolaid-indoctrinated that they will likely stay home or vote for McCain if their candidate is not on the ticket. The Democratic ticket seems to be held for ransom. If the ticket doesn't have a Clinton person on it, I'm afraid it may not fly.


John Good said...

There is no end in sight to their despicable behavior and denial.

Michael Bains said...

The whole RFK conversation is bizarre. I do understand her camp mentioning it as a reason for staying in; but I'd think propriety would keep Clinton from bringing it up herself. Instead, she seems (based on her strategy over all) to use the allusion gleefully, as if she can't wait for it to happen. I hate thinking that about her, but it stems from her own actions throughout the campaign.

The longer Hillary campaigns, the better I feel about preferring Obama as early in the race as I did.

It's saddening too. She does have a Lot to offer as President. My main disrespect for her agenda is her lack of nationalist modesty. She's power hungry; not just for herself, but for the U.S. to be "#1 " at all costs as well. That's the Last Thing this Planet needs right now...