Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer cork-popping time

MrB stopped during lunch and got a bottle of red wine this week, and it was in his car during the afternoon. He brings it in the house and stands it on the countertop. The bottle felt pretty warm, kind of like a cup of hot tea, and I was surprised to see that it was opened, and stoppered with the cork.

Now MrB is not in the habit of chugging red wine straight from the bottle while he drives home during rush hour. He denied opening it, and it seemed unlikely that it was open when he bought it, so we figured out that it got so hot in the car that the wine uncorked itself.

Yes, summer is here. It's been in the high 90s this week, and on Tuesday it got up to 101° so that's hot enough to pop your cork.

Do you ever buy wine initially because you like the label? How could we resist "Barking Sheep"? Actually, I like this one, it's very inexpensive, and, in fact, we buy it at Target. Seriously, it's not bad at all. From Argentina. I'm no oenophile, these days I like whatever doesn't give me heartburn or taste too much like vinegar. Who am I kidding? I actually drink vinegar... with lots of honey... it's good for what ails you. One of my mother's favorite remedies, along with hot toddies with brandy or whiskey, even for me. I don't think it stunted my growth or anything.

I couldn't find much on the 'net about heat opening wines, but I did see that putting it in the freezer can make it pop its cork.

How's your summer going?


Utah Savage said...

It finally warmed up enough to make me believe it was safe to turn the heater off for good and all, store the winter clothes and put away the blankets. Now we're in for four days of highs in the fifties and very cold nights. What the fuck? So I'm depressed about Teddy, so sick of the primary and that Hillary keeps campaigning like some kind of vampire bitch that just won't die, and now it's cold and rainy to boot. If I could drink I would be good and drunk.

Blueberry said...

I wish I could fast-forward to the election.

Our 5 months of summer look like they've begun, and every day a new "Hillary thing" or "McCain thing" to chew on our brains.

enigma4ever said...


well, I guess you could cook with it like that?
( I mean you can't drink it that hot)
or can you ???

ah not so much..
here by Lake is 40's at night and 50 during the day...

but I know it will heat up soon..

stay cool..

Blueberry said...

I believe it will be 90s and 100s here until the end of September.

Ann said...

Love the wine label. I'll definitely have to pick up a bottle of that next time I'm at Target.