Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Here's one for MandoMama

This is from Mandolin Mayhem, the benefit show (for Juvenile Diabetes) that happened on Sunday. Some of the best players you will hear anywhere, and all mandolins! It was wonderful. If you want to see more, I took one more video: check it out here.

My love for mandolin, this is all Chris Thile's fault. I don't play, so I'm just a fangirl and enabler (good term, MM). Kym asked if I thought it was too many mandolins at once, and I said I couldn't imagine there being too many mandolins. Thinking about that later, I do think I've seen too many guitars on stage at once. I think that's because electric guitar players (even when they play acoustic) seem to be more likely to be all about their own solos and less about playing WITH the others... so more is not better in that case. One or two is great. Five can be overwhelming and muddy. Players with a bluegrass background seem to be used to the handoffs and sharing the spotlight. Does that make sense?

Anyway, this is the second annual Mandolin Mayhem and now one of my favorite recurring events in Austin.

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Th' Rev said...

Yeah,that makes perfect sense,We saw Steve Earle with Del McCoury at the back yard many years ago,and most of the show was played in the round.Meaning around a giant condenser mic,and each player would step in when it was their turn to solo.Very cool and so grand ol'.
I love the mandolin,and even bought one,but my fingers are too short and fat to do much with it.So I got a banjo instead!Ha!I love bluegrass music.Nice treat here.We'll have to check it out next time.

Mando Mama said...

THAAAANK YOU!! Whiskey Before Breakfast. Yow. Who all is that? Who's on the end there? Is there a Stringduster in the house? Could that be Sara J or Sierra H?

What a way to spend Mama's Day indeed.

Blueberry said...

In this video (L to R) is Dennis Ludiker (wearing his new Texas State Fiddle Champ belt buckle), Kym Warner of the Greencards, Sarah Jarosz, Warren Hood (Waybacks), and Eamon McLoughlin of the Greencards. I didn't even know he played mandolin. I've only seen him play fiddle. Also played that day were Jake Stargel (the Greencards guitar player, another 17 yr. old prodigy), Noah Jeffries who duetted with Dennis. Noah is with Jason Boland and the Stragglers, he and Dennis get up to some real cosmic jams.

Blueberry said...

MM: Dennis (forgot to mention) is with South Austin Jug Band). And for more Sarah J., scroll down about 3 posts.

Rev: I wish I play something. Anything. I play air drums, that's about it.

Mando Mama said...

Thanks for the lineup, BBry!

Yes, I saw the Sarah J post a while back but haven't had a chance to listen. But I am so glad you are out there pimping this stuff so we can have a listen!

BTW, I totally forgot to mention how much I enjoyed Mother Truckers. That's a lot of talent in one little band!