Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cockroach civilization

Nope. The picture is not upside-down. The guy is walking on the ceiling. HOW DO THEY DO THAT??? Wonders of nature. What can you say? This is a big guy, at least 2 inches long (not counting antenae and outstretched legs). He's walking on the ceiling right above the ceiling fan, which is running, and if he were to let go he would probably be propelled into your drink. Actually, he (or she) is winged so there would be a flight, but anyway, it's just the thought of it that is creepy.

We've been hit with another invasion of "the big guys". These seem to come (to the indoor area) after there is relief from drought, multiple rainy days. Haven't been supplied with the science behind that one yet, but that is what happens here.

We have been seeing a lot of these for a few weeks, at least one or two a day. This morning there was one upside down in my newly-washed ceramic teapot. It had a little water in the bottom that was air-drying, but enough to drown a guy this size. They swim as well as I do, looks like. Looking for water, but not quite that much. Poor guy.

This is a good opportunity to post this link: Cockroaches have a democracy, make group decisions.
Pretty fascinating stuff.

Never underestimate an insect. Especially a living thing that has been around this long and survived more than Keith Richards in his wildest dreams.

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Coeur Mechant said...

As a friend in Texas once said, "The worst a cockroach can do is embarass you." They wear pointy toed boots in Texas so they can squish the cockroaches in the corners of the room.

Blueberry said...

Most people do that. We catch them under a glass and escort them outside. The only bugs in the house that get killed on sight are mosquitoes, scorpions, bees and wasps. Anything that can hurt us or the "boys". The rest get shown the other side of the door.