Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How does it look to you?

Lately (since late last week) this blog has started looking funny in Internet Explorer for Windows. The right sidebar is pushed way down on the page by the left column. Firefox for Windows and Mac, Internet Explorer for Mac, and Safari all look fine to me.
EDIT: I take back the part about IE for Mac. It looks like crap in IE for both Mac and Windows.

Does it look screwed up to you, and what Operating System/browser are you using?


Ptelea said...

My blog sometimes looks funny like this but I can usually fix it by making large photos smaller. My probably misquided theory is that if a particular photo is larger than the width given for the body, it pushes the sidebar down to the bottom. I don't see any large photos on yours! I use Windows XP with Internet Explorer for Windows (usually) and your blog looks 'funny' It looks fine in Mozilla Firefox.

It would be nice to know why this really happens!

Blueberry said...

Yeah, I haven't used any oversized photos, nother larger than "medium", so it's weird.

webelder said...

I use Win98se with IE 5.0 and your
Blog looks just fine....

Blueberry said...

webelder: Win98se! Well that's encouraging!

I think the problem has turned out to be a post with a picture that's trying to be too big. Can't find which one, so it will just go quietly into the archives.