Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Save Surface

I know, there's a lot of crap on TV, but I actually really enjoyed the first season of Surface. Noooooo. It doesn't have great acting, and it's not as though you will mistake it for some Spielberg project as the marketing suggests, but it's got a great plot with good scientists vs. evil scientists vs. good scientists who got sucked into the evil scientists plot and have no way out short of death. It's also got bad science gone haywire causing the imminent destruction of all life on earth, it's got the hot-looking young scientist, the savvy kid whose parents don't understand, and not-so-smart hick with good sense and a heart of gold. Above all it has the cutest critter ever, the little sea monster named "Nim" (short for "Nimrod") who is the little dragon everybody always wanted for a pet. Like a Siamese cat, he really only loves his master (young Miles) and those proven worthy, so you don't want to mess with him. Honest.

Anyway, the future of the show is up for grabs, and even though we're not talking "Firefly" quality here, I am going to miss seeing how little Nim turns out if it's cancelled. Sign the petition at the links (picture, title or sidebar)

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