Monday, May 29, 2006

Making the most of the time

Bizzy bizzy bizzy! Hardly had a moment to spare all weekend. I've been working my tail off on the music CD artwork, and the final crunch on that comes this week with a due date of June 1. Wheee!! Managed to work in a few other projects that were back-burnered too. Also managed to go out in the evening and see live music.

Friday we went to the Oasis for the South Austin Jug Band, and they put on a great show as always. Beautiful night too, and a free show.

Saturday it was another fantastic free show at Stubb's with the Mother Truckers (wow!! This is a new local band, CA transplant, and they kicked our collective ass!), James Hunter (from somewhere over the pond - sounds like... Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, James Brown, Roy Head...), and my beloved Del Castillo! Absolutely great show!

Sunday we went to Momo's for the Deschamp band and Warren Hood. A bit of Momo's weirdness: when we walked in (and the same thing happened to my friend later), they asked what band(s) you are there to see, so we tell them. At no time was it mentioned that Warren Hood would not be playing there for a couple of weeks, no mention until Gary Primich started playing. Gary Primich is just fine, he's a blues harmonica dude, we like to listen to him on First Thursday up a Jo's Coffee, and he has Mike Keller in the band (plus another good guitarist) who is also in Warren's band, so it was a good show and enjoyable but not a fiddle in sight. [snort] Well, I should be fiddled, mandoed and hillbilly-jazzed sufficiently with Deschamp and the Jug Band.

Today I got the bad news that one of my cousins in Albuquerque has cancer. She is ~5 years older than me, and I spent a lot of time with her growing up. I don't know any details and they may be hard to find. She is a sweet person and I am sorry to hear it. I am going to have to write her a letter. Electronic communication is a less than ideal option with my family. [sigh]. Well, between that news and Clifford (whose funeral home visitation I attended on Friday), it certainly has been a week to dwell on the shortness of our time on earth. It's Memorial Day.

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