Tuesday, May 23, 2006

R.I.P Clifford Antone

The first time I came to Austin it was to go to Antone's. It was before I ever thought in my wildest dreams that I'd be moving anywhere out of St. Louis, and I was coming down to see Eric Johnson do his live recording at Antone's. Now it's one of the clubs where I go regularly, and probably always will. Such great music there, such an atmosphere, and what intimate surroundings! It's a fan's dream, and although that part of it is probably not so great for the performer, it's still an honor to be able to say that your band played at Antone's.

It is too hard for me to try and sum up what Clifford has meant to Austin and what he did for it. This stuff has already filled books. There's a documentary. Maybe two. There will be many tributes and eulogies written. I will most likely post a few good when they turn up.

EDIT: I had a couple of pictures posted here, but they were having loading problems in IE. This blog and its technical difficulties are giving me fits.

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Ellie said...

Hope Antones stays in the family, same for La Zona Rosa. It would be a shame for new owners to try to do something different. First time I went there I was by myself on a Monday night. I thoroughly enjoyed myslef.

I can just imagine how big the funeral (if there is one) will be, half of Austin will be there paying their respect. And rightly so.

Blueberry said...

I imagine that there will be a huge funeral and dozens of tribute shows. Hope I can go, I'm sure I can go to lots of them. Direct Events has had control of Antone's club for quite a while (along with La Zona Rosa (I don't think he was connected to LZR), the Backyard, the Glenn, Austin Music Hall, and more), but Clifford had been booking his namesake club for several months after doing his time, but no one can deny what he means to Austin and its music scene.

He was everywhere in this town, we'd see him all over the place. He was too young to die. Just 56.