Thursday, May 25, 2006

People will be talking about this one for years

They put together an unbelievable show at Antone's last night to honor Clifford. The club opened around 4:00 pm, and it was my understanding that the music would not stop until dawn, if then. (A photographer I spoke to said he had to be at work at 6:00 but had brought a change of clothes in case the show went straight through.) We got there about 6:00. It was packed of course, and there were long lines waiting to get in all night. We made it up to the stage where my friend was already stationed.

Lineup of who I saw: Guy Forsyth with Gary Clark Jr., Ruthie Foster, Tyrone Vaughan (Jimmie's son, Stevie Ray's nephew), LZ Love, Guy Forsyth again, this time with Papa Mali and Leann Atherton, Del Castillo (all electric!!), Monte Montgomery, and an all star continuing show (musical chairs and rotating musicians) with Jimmie Vaughan, Roscoe Beck, Denny Freeman, Derek O'Brien, Riley Osborn, W.C. Clark, James Cotton, Charlie Sexton, Double Trouble (Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon), and more waiting in the wings.

Malford Milligan, Roky Erickson, Jake Andrews, and Joe Ely were spotted. Also Jeff Van Zandt, which leads me to think that Eric was probably going to play a bit later. That breaks my heart a bit, because we really couldn't stay any longer. It was around midnight by then, and Mr. Blueberry was trying to use my shoulder as a pillow. He was faded to be sure, needed to get up at 5:00 AM for work, and had retired to a nice spot near the door. There's only so much the body can do. Mine could have done more, but then I didn't have to worry about an alarm clock.

Tonight and tomorrow there with be funeral home visitations for Clifford, and on June 3rd there will be a big bash at Auditorium Shores. Next Tuesday, Antone's, Home of the Blues was to be released on DVD, and Clifford had already been set up for autograph signings.

EDIT: Turns out that Eric Johnson did play (EDIT2: Here are a couple of pictures of EJ and Malford there], also several of the other people I mentioned plus Cyril Neville. Also, I truly apologize to users of Internet Explorer for the way this blog is displaying. I know the pictures are screwed up, and the right column shifted down.

EDIT3: I've got a whole slew of pictures posted here.

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Barry said...

Very moving coverage on Mr. Antone. I've been there every single time I've visited Austin.

Completely unrelated note:

On my Blogger blog, that particular IE weirdness that you mention is almost always caused by a graphic or embed that is too wide for the main column.

Look in recent posts for any graphic that's wider than about 400 pixels. Take it out or resize it.

Ellie said...

Hmmm, the music, what can I say ..Good stuff. I'd of stayed with you Blue.

Hey ej got a hair cut! Woohoo