Saturday, May 20, 2006

Birthday thoughts for Jeen Lilly

Today would have been the birthday of ev brown, AKA Jeen Lilly of scrumptious monkey and others. The cake is taken from her last blog post. She was supposed to be starting a new cake decorating job that morning (it's an early morning post), and it's one of the last things she ever posted. I don't know if she ever actually started that job.

I only met her in person a few times, she was mostly an online friend. I really miss her and think of her all the time. When I post something, I think "ev would have responded to this", or when I hear Book People mentioned, or a certain show comes to town, or we do some activity like First Thursday or Eeyore's where I think "I would have invited ev to join us for this". Even Eric's forum has lost some luster, I just miss her.

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SiouxZQue said...

Make sure we all have a BIG piece of cake today for ev (carrot w/cream cheese frosting was her favorite!) Learn something new that peaks an interest, or do something we really really enjoy in her honor. That would of been the way she would of celebrated her birthday. I think she would be humbled if we did that in her memory. Know this if you ever knew ev -- you were in the company of unpretentious greatness and were really blessed to of known her beautiful radiant spirit whether it was a lifetime or a short time. Enjoy the day folks and dance the dance!