Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cuatro de Mayo y Cinco de Mayo

Sorry! My Spanish is like Peggy Hill's. This week was First Thursday, and we went down to South Congress for that. Spent most of it in my favorite place on First Thursday - at Jo's Coffee watching Gary Primich with Mike Keller on guitar. Great stuff!!

Friday we both had the afternoon off, so we went to the IMAX theatre to see Deep Sea 3D [Flash site]. WOW!! We highly recommend this, it was very well-done. Probably the best 3D project we've seen (out of 3 so it's not a long list), partly because of the movie itself. Polar Express was well-done too, but that is the ONLY way I want to watch Polar Express. See them in 3D if you can, even if you have to travel. I was reaching out to touch the jellyfish like a crazy person in their first 3D movie.

It was Cinco de Mayo so all the Mexican places were packed to the hilt. We went to Matt's El Rancho for the KGSR party, and I won 2 tickets to see Raul Malo! One of my favorite singers. I never win anything. Maybe my luck is changing. Matt's was too crowded to deal with, as was Guero's, and we wanted to be outside in the nice weather so Home Slice Pizza was out, Shady Grove had lost power (!!) and we ended up at that converted gas station on South Congress. Not recommended for vegetarians but the microbrew was good. We saw Dale Watson walk by, hollered out "Dale" and he waved. I knew it would be hard for him to stay away from Austin!

Picture is us negotiating some of the weird "sidewalk" on South Congress.

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