Monday, May 08, 2006

The rest of the weekend

Saturday was movie day. Started out with Mi:3 at the Alamo. It's really a pretty good action movie, and recommended for great stunts, car chases and stuff blowing up good. Philip Seymour Hoffman is a good bad guy, and Ving Rhames - I love his voice. I really think that Tom Cruise's celebrity persona has finally overtaken anything he could do onscreen. I didn't think this when we saw War of the Worlds. It was probably magnified this time by the Cruise clips that the Alamo was spinning (and they will always do this) - jumping on Oprah's couch, the Scientology South Park episode, and the SNL Ben Stiller spoofs (that include TC). Also, a note to the Alamo staff: when someone orders the veggie patty option on a burger, it's extremely likely that they will not want the BACON that normally comes with the sandwich. Thank you for taking it off the bill though. Yuck.

In the evening we rented Pride and Prejudice with the lovely and wonderful Keira Knightley. I am not well-read, and apparently my husband isn't either, neither of had read the book. Also had not seen any previous movie versions so they were able to surprise us with the ending. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, huh?

Sunday we went to the party that Van Wilks has for his guitar students. Look at these cuties. They called themselves "The Crabs from Outer Space" or something like that, from their song of the same name. Good age to start. Some of the older kids (in the 15 yr. range) were pretty impressive. It was our wedding anniversary so we didn't stay long, went out for Indian food. I am several pounds heavier this morning. Too much fun of the food and drink variety lately.

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