Thursday, May 18, 2006

Crunching and testing the tomatoes

Posting has been light around here, last Saturday I got a new assignment, something really fun, but is going to take up most of my waking hours that are available, plus a few sleeping hours no doubt. It's a CD artwork design! Trouble is, it's got to be sent to press by the end of the month... THIS month. I really want the customer to love it. I want to love it too, but will probably be tired of it by then.

We've had tickets to The Da Vinci Code's opening day for about a week, and according to most critics the viewing might require some rotten tomatoes. Arrrgh! That's why I like to see something as close to opening day as possible... to avoid being drawn to the reviews like a car wreck... don't look!!!! I'd rather make up my own mind before I'm told what everyone else thinks.

[shatner mode]!!!!

Back to work now. There will be a Friday cat post tomorrow.

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