Monday, April 10, 2006

A bright spirit

Yesterday was the memorial/ash spreading for Jeen Lilly (ev brown). The weather for the day was as perfect as you can imagine, about 81 degrees, sunny, low humidity, and a very light breeze. We gathered right before sundown, but early enough where it was still light when we finally left. It was a very small crowd because of her circumstances. She had hundreds of friends and many relations, but they are all over the world. Not that many actually live in Austin as she had just moved here on the last day of January 2006.

The ashes were in an old Chinese urn. There were candles, incense, simple yellow roses, and readings, mostly from her own works. She was a powerful writer.
A bright spirit is
gently passing between worlds;
breathe deep of heaven.

I believe that people live on as long as they are remembered, they live in hearts and minds. That's your afterlife, along with DNA and all the stuff it carries with it. She will be remembered fondly.


Anonymous said...

Thank you blueberry. I like that quote from ev.


Ptelea said...

Thank you so much for having this memorial for ev. I was with you in spirit - I was on my mountaintop at the same time. It looks like a beautiful spot along those rock cliffs. It is amazing to know that she ended her days there in Austin. I linked to this post from mine...Ptelea

Ellie said...

She resides in Zilker Park now...that is so befitting. I would want the same thing for myself.

Blueberry said...

I think we are all going to end up there all mixed together someday. It's a great place.