Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hot Spring weekend

A really nice weekend! Friday night we went to the Alamo Drafthouse to see V for Vendetta. We both like it a lot. We will see it again, probably on DVD. The Alamo is a fattening experience, so I've been trying at least half-heartedly, to behave since that. One of the things that sucks about being this old. Always on a danged diet! Sucks!

Saturday, there was a free show at Emo's by Calexico, who are one of my favorite bands. It was excellent, and too short, like all the other Calexico shows I've seen. They've all been openers, or SXSW, or ACL, or something that means you play an hour or less. Maybe Jovita's last year was a little longer, but I'm still waiting for my headliner Calexico full-length full electric show in Austin. It was great anyway though. I think maybe Joey recognized me from meeting him briefly a time or two, not all people will do that but some will (or maybe it's that dancing old lady factor). I've got more pics posted here. Afterwards went to Koriente for great veggie fare and powerful wasabi. It was a beautiful night.

Today, Sunday, it got up to between 94 and 98 degrees, depending on your part of town. Hello Spring!!

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Kvatch said...

EGAD! Isn't April a little early for temperatures like that? Even in Austin.

I remember back in the, my first 10K was the Capital City and it was 98 on a May day--bloody uncomfortable.

Blueberry said...

100 degree temperatures Monday and today (Tuesday) too. It is record-breaking or record-tying though, not normal. Hello, global warming, I guess.