Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Smooth sailing so far

I am on my half-time schedule starting this week, and it’s absolutely fantastic! Right now I work 5 mornings and try getting in touch with my inner sane person in the afternoon. I know I am more than a little underemployed right now, but I doubt I will stay that way. Anyway, it’s another beautiful day in Austin, Texas.

Last night was our Teddy Thompson show at the Cactus. He has the most amazing voice, I’ve already gushed about that previously. He’s also pretty funny onstage. The venue was not packed like I thought it would be. He’ll be on KUT around noon today, (EDIT: audio archive is here) and at the Cactus again tonight, where I hope there will be a full house (KUT provides good exposure, even better than KGSR I think). I’m not going again. Don't want to appear obsessed [yet] and need to save money where possible. Underemployed, you know… need that money to buy CDs…and tickets for other shows!

The magic word is... eBay. $$$$

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