Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sun and Earth, use one, use one up

At one of the Earth Day events, James McMurtry played a plugged-in set powered by the sun. As you can see there was plenty of it... and he sounded great, good and loud too.

I'm glad they are still having Earth Day, even though no one seems to know how to prevent humans from wiping out most natural life forms. Was it always human nature, or the way we evolved? Do we practice dominionism because of a scriptural passage, or is the scripture there because we need to rationalize our dominionism?


Coeur Mechant said...

It would be better if humanity considered themselves as stewards of this planet's riches. I've always had trouble with the whole dominion thing and now the fundamentalists are acting as though the last days are close at hand, so conservation is not important.

Blueberry said...

Some of those people wouldn't mind leaving behind a smoldering cinder. I think that the "dominion" attitude must be more cultural than natural, because there have been (maybe still are) cultures that view themselves as part of the cycle instead of in charge of it and above it.

Here's a cute flash movie I found over on J-Walk: