Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I am energy in its purest form

You Are Diet Coke

You are energy in its purest form. No need to complicate things with sweetness.
And while people may hate your aftertaste, you are seen as a necessary evil.

Your best soda match: 7 Up [EDIT NOTE: Make 7 Up Yours. Whatever happened to that slogan?]

Stay away from: Coke

Diet coke is featured in this series over at Neil Shakespeare. Well, I'm not sure how I feel about being a necessary evil. I'm pretty sure I'm not evil. Don't know how necessary I am. I definitely don't complicate things with sweetness. And Diet Coke is the only soda I drink. This is scaring me.


Neil Shakespeare said...

Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. Nothing personal against diet coke. I used that because Amercian Idol has so much product placement for Coke, so I figured Celebrity Ritual Sacrifice definitely needed some product placement too.

Blueberry said...

It is a worthy placement (on CRS), and a product like that could be used to cauterize the wound. Besides, it's refreshing. ;-)

...and it's the real thing.

Andy said...

It doesn't read as very flattering at all, does it? x