Saturday, April 08, 2006

Slither - Jabba the Gut and the Zombie Penises from Outer Space

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I was excited to see that Nathan Fillion had a new movie coming out, but not too excited after seeing the trailer... looked like one long gore-fest with uninterrupted screaming. I am neutral when it comes to horror movies, it really depends. If they have "the devil" as the big bad guy I will usually take a pass (with exceptions made for Johnny Depp movies) because I am not afraid of the devil, seeing as how I don't believe in him/her. If the fear of hell and the devil is required to make the movie scary... bring it on. yawn. Also, don't just gross me out for 2 hours. It's boring.

This movie, Slither, is really very good! It's an out-and-out B-movie. Think "Shaun of the Dead" with American humor. A little of "Tremors". It's not trying to take itself seriously and be a "film". It's absolutely hilarious. Great popcorn fun... and I already mentioned that Nathan Fillion is in it, one of my favorite actors to watch because of his Firefly role.

Trivia on the director from IMDB, James Gunn: The Gunn character on Angel is named after him and his brother Sean.

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