Wednesday, April 05, 2006

D is for dumb, disgusting, and D'oh!

Brian J. Doyle
Taking that domestic surveillance a little too far, Mr. DHS, eh? Talked that "14 year old" into getting herself a web cam, just for you, huh?

And sending the girl a picture of yourself at work with your Homeland Security pin on? that qualifies for Leno's stupid criminals collection. Not to mention giving out all your work phone numbers and names of people you work for over the internet to a stranger and doing it on a govt-issued computer.

Where do they find these people? I guess we should relax. He was only the 4th highest ranking person there. [snort]

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RobertG said...

Republican Family Values
Check out this entry at the Daily Kos blog.
Brian Doyle is on that list along with others of questionable morals and/or ethics.