Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Del Castillo at Waterloo

The new Del Castillo CD, “Brotherhood” is finally here. They had a big CD release bash at Waterloo Records yesterday. The place was about as crowded as it gets. DC is one of the most popular bands in Austin. They are still our own secret, they have not really broken into the market in other towns other than having small followings, but they are still opening for bands in other towns that would open for them in this one.

The show was at 5:00, and it was already crowding up by 4:15 when I got there. That’s early for Austin! Believe me! They had to put 3 people down on the floor, so it was very close quarters for the performers/audience. It looked like several official videos were being filmed, and I will be in all of them for sure. No way out of it. The dancing old lady in the front. That’s me. The one in your video.

You know you’re from Austin if… your favorite band releases a CD of songs you’ve been hearing performed live for years.

That’s the case here for the most part, there are a few exceptions, and there’s one with Willie Nelson. That’s great though. It’s wonderful to finally have a recording of these songs.
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Ptelea said...

I may just have to buy one of these videos! And you may be of a certain vintage but you are not old if you are dancing down in the front at a Del Castillo CD release bash!

Blueberry said...

If you have the Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival video (something that just *might* be in your collection), you already have one my cameos. Right after Eric Johnson I get about 1 second of fame. Sure is fleeting...