Monday, April 17, 2006

Before you go all "Sweet Home Alabama"...

(Reuters) - Veteran rocker Neil Young has recorded a protest album featuring an anti-Iraq war track with "a holy vow to never kill again" and a song titled "Let's Impeach the President," the singer said on Monday. [LINK]

We all know that Neil Young was born in Canada, but before you get bent over someone who's not a natural-born citizen of the USA expressing an opinion on a USA political matter, keep in mind that our Secretary of Labor was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and the Secretary of Commerce was born in Havana, Cuba [LINK]. All three of them have lived here for many years.

I'm just sayin'.


Coeur Mechant said...

Let's not leave Henry Kissinger off that list of foreign-born politicians. Oh yeah, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, too.

Andy said...

I'll be interested in eharing this new album of Neil Young's. In these days of bland, inoffensive, marketed pop, it's good to read someone is still writing stuff with political kicks in it... x

Blueberry said...

It's nice to hear someone who pulls no punches. Another musician like this is James McMurtry. (right-click for new window)
MySpace, Listen to "We Can't Make it Here"

He's got a hell of a great political-toned blog on his myspace site.