Friday, April 21, 2006

Rough day and night at our Zoo

Hoo boy! What a day and night! Yesterday, I lugged 2 heavy wiggling cats in carriers to the Vet. Henry needed his annual and a steroid shot for his various itchies. Jax’s various itchies have led him to lick all the hair off his belly and elbows (do cats have elbows?), and was proceeding to take off the skin under it with that rough cat tongue. It’s an old problem for him, but needed looking at. He also got a steroid shot, so now 3 of our 4 cats are getting prednisone! They must be awfully special.

We had one hell of a storm during the night. Lightning hit waaay too close and scared the crap out of everybody (seeya later cable TV and internet access), then even after the storm passed, the cats continued an agitated freak-out tirade for the rest of the night. Alex started by throwing up his guts in about 6 places (I bolted up and threw him off the bed just in time! There’s no warning on this), including one of the bean bag chairs which lucky for us are vinyl. I love vinyl. Then he made as much racket as possible for several hours (ripping paper and knocking things off the dresser is a good way to get attention and blow off steam for a cat) until he got traded out for the Duncan and Henry pair. Henry is a perfect angel cat. Duncan was out of his mind, and spent the rest of the pre-dawn hours trying to pick a fight with Henry, meowing loudly, and (I soon found out) filling the OTHER bean bag chair up with pee. Like I said, I love vinyl. That cat is like one long crazy hour! Jax was lethargic this morning, but not licking himself. It’s either the prednisone or post-storm exhaustion. Hard to tell. Lightning photo by Jason Echols.

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Ptelea said...

In some ways, it is comforting to know that others have all of these same behavioral traits from their kitties - I love the term 'crazy hour'