Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hail, insecticide, and a new definition of cold

Sorry for the lack of posts, just having a busy week, but good busy. Started a business yesterday to legitimize my hobbies finally! Spent the late night waiting for a new website I did for a customer to finally present itself after a nameserver change. I'm not so good at waiting, very fidgety. I've been in an annoying mental state of "Are we there yet... are we there yet?" My eBay auctions are going fine, with most of the stuff selling for a couple of dollars, but keeping me hopping with trips to the Post Office.

The mid-April run of 100 degree days (bringing the rolling blackouts that made the news) finally broke with a "cold front", which means that the temps went down into the 90s with some waves of hail and rainstorms. There was one hailstone reported that was big as a GRAPEFRUIT! You *never* want to see that coming. Most of the bad stuff was about 20 miles north of us and was the size of golf balls. Sheeeesh! Our hail was more like nickel-sized, but there's more hail coming today probably. Having the cars in a garage is sooo nice, wish I didn't have to take mine to work, it will probably get peppered there this morning. Lightning is supposed to get bad too. Aaah. Spring in Texas. Sure beats snow and ice though.

They also did a heavy bug spraying very close to this house to kill the gypsy moth, which is apparently endangering oak trees. In that little war, I have to side with the trees. Hope we didn't inhale too much of that one. I stayed indoors along with all our new palmetto bug friends that seem to be escaping the heat or dryness (palmetto bug = giant cockroach). I opened the fridge the other day and there was a mosquito in there. Am I seeing a trend?

No shows planned for awhile. Just fluffing up this cocoon here.


Neil Shakespeare said...

Is it ever safe to go outside in Texas?

Ptelea said...

If you are talking about your car getting peppered with grapefruit- sized hail, what gauge would you say that is??

You found a mosquito in your fridge?? LOL

Blueberry said...

NS: It's pretty safe unless you're accoompanied by Dick Cheney.

PT: They like to brag on the big 'uns, that's for sure.

Yeah, crazy mosquito. Like we keep human blood in there! [snort]