Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shady Grove and Fragrant Fence

I always wanted a fragrant wall of honeysuckle, and now we've got one in the back. It has really spread and has been wrapping itself all over a tree from the alley, which makes it really tall as well. mmmmmm. Smells good. Here, take another whiff for the road. Careful not to suck a bee into your nose. Also, some Purple Martins have been spotted in one of our birdhouses... the regular house, not the Martin gourds... those have wasps living in them *again*!

Still having really great weather, with a few sprinkles of rain tonight, which gives me a stuffy sinus condition, but we need all the moisture we can get. We went over to Shady Grove for their "unplugged" weekly Thursday free concert. Monte Montgomery was playing tonight, he is a truly phenomenal guitarist. I've seen him many times, and the first time was back in St. Louis before I ever dreamed of moving here. I already had a couple of his CDs then. KGSR radio is the main sponsor of the show, and they always have a table of giveaways: paper fans, bumper stickers, beer coozies, various CD singles and odd CDs that they don't need. I couldn't believe it! There on the table was Kate Rusby's latest CD, "The Girl Who Couldn't Fly". Not just a single, the whole CD, something I haven't been willing to fork over the extra import $$$ for at Waterloo where it is found in the "Ireland" section. I am a fan of hers! Thank you KGSR! And it wouldn't hurt you to play this one, you know.

Here's a sign that would be funny if you didn't realize that in Austin they just passed an ordinance allowing dogs access to patio dining. Shady Grove isn't going for it though, but that's OK, especially on a Thursday night when it's so packed. It would be a disastrous combo of bare paws, spiky heels, lit cigarettes, close-quarter growl-fests and unscooped poop. Aaaaaaack.

We got there too late for a seat, and ended up on the lawn, so it was like live radio. I'm not really into being at concerts where I can't see the performers. I really only like going to Shady for shows when I can get in the first few rows of seats. I draw lots of energy and vibes from the stage, and without that I can get drained quickly from all the casual milling about in the back. Very unfocused. But the food was really good, I'll check Monte out another night, and I got a free Kate Rusby CD.

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