Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Don't you believe it!!

I spy a bit on some pro-Hillary sites that are covering the spectrum now between "I'm cryin' in my beer... luv ya girl... but it's time to quit" to "Screw 'em. I'd rather vote for a turd than Obama. Hillary should run as an Independent, because either (a) she will win, or (b) who cares who will win? It serves them right" blind loyalty. She could adopt the policies of Hitler and they'd still be rooting for her. My mother used to call this "cutting off your nose to spite your face."

It's that fringe element in the latter choice that worries me. You all need to put down that Koolaid, grab a cup of hot coffee and have a cold shower. Use your mentality. Step up to reality. Hillary has been getting a boost from the Limbaugh dittoheads, Republicans crossing over to vote for Hillary in the primary so she will be up against McCain. They are not going to vote for her in November. She and her hard-core followers are delusional if they think this is actual "support." The effect of this was more than enough to give her that "win" in Indiana.
[LINK] Indiana exit polls showed that four in ten Democrats who said they would vote for McCain over Clinton in a general election nonetheless voted for Clinton on Tuesday; however, just twelve percent who would vote for McCain over Obama voted for the Illinois senator.

Citing this figure, the Obama campaign sent an e-mail to reporters Tuesday night arguing that 7 percent of the Indiana electorate could be attributed to the "Limbaugh effect" -- 41 percent of the 17 percent who said they'd vote for McCain over Clinton but still supported Clinton.

(I did that crazy koolaid photoshop composite at the top)

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enigma4ever said...

it is clear to me that Hill does not know how to do MATH...even the fuzzy Bush kind....that is the WHOLE problem....that is what is going on...

and her Followers...What the hell.....would they follow her off a Bridge...I think they would....

Mando Mama said...

Enigma makes a heckuva observation: if we get Democrats who will follow their leader off a bridge, how is that different from what we have now?!

That graphic...I can't get it out of my head, it's perfect. I want it on a t-shirt and a sticker. Have you ever had one of those cafe press page thingys?

Blueberry said...

Another observation I saw out there on the newsy blogs about mistakes that she made (I need to track down the reference) was that she surrounded herself with people according to loyalty rather than competence.

That also sounds like what we have now.

As for Cafepress, I do love it and use it (to make gifts), and really need to get myself in gear and start making $$$ from it. This graphic, apart from being a composite of two things I ripped off, is one that I hope will not be relevant for much longer.


Blueberry said...

I found the reference. It's TIME magazine.

Coeur Mechant said...

Looks like it is all over, based on this latest news.

Utah Savage said...

FYI, there is a koolaide pitcher thingy like that at Jonestown, by fairlane. I think it's an award he gives called "Drink Up Bitches." Just saying.

I loved your demographics work. I think if Hill would stop the bullshit and throw her support completely behind Obama, a huge percent of her supports would eventually follow.

Blueberry said...

Thanks Coeur! ;-)

Savage, nice to meet you. Looks like today's scuttlebutt relates to Hill as VP. That would sure get them on board, but I think most would do it anyway (esp. if she told them to).