Wednesday, April 11, 2007

60 ft. long and lasted 15 minutes

This is from a photoblog dedicated to freeway political sign activism called FreewayBlogger. Neat, huh?
Found via People's Republic of Seabrook


Hill said...

I love it! Something like that might wake up all those I-35 & MoPac drivers, huh?

Andrea said...

Sweet! Thanks for the heads-up.

love your blog, btw

beepbeepitsme said...

I'm surprised it lasted for 15 minutes!

John Good said...

These guys are great! PT Cruiser does an excellent job with these signs as well.

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Since 2003, I write messages on my back windshield with white window chalk about the lowjinx of the republican party. i had so much attention about my car that i actually made the front page of the fort worth star-telegram regarding my messages!

i have had my life threatened, attempts of running me off the road, and an unlimited number of middle fingers shot at me, but i don't care. the freeway blogger is a good idea but i WISHED more people had the courage to do what i was doing in fort worth and raising the stakes on political messages getting across.

i do it alone. still do. and will until they are all outta office.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Love it, and would love to see more.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Love the freeway blogger.

Mariamariacuchita said...

Wouldn't you just love to see that on a bridge over Mopac?

MichaelBains said...

I'd LOVE to see it on the approach to the Mall near my work! THAT would be perfect for viewing by teh Conservative Hoards out that way.

I'm sure 15 mins is the MOST it'd get there as well though.


whaleshaman said...

visiting from new jersey, friends with small children in tow parked at fancy mall next door to grab a bite at the food court.

when they came out, someone had written in the dust of their car's trunk above the obama bumpersticker:

"democrat bastards"

the husband erased it before the kids could see and be frightened, otherwise i wanted to take a photo to post.

so much for the so-called tourist & family friendly natives of south carolina.

maybe i could get greenpeace to scale the wall of the big box and hang a sign saying:

"the democrat bastards are coming!"

Blueberry said...

When I took my car in for body work before the last election, the bozos at the body shop tore off my Kerry sticker! And they were fixing my door handle and dashboard (stolen stereo) -- NOT the rear bumper!! I was so mad I wrote a letter and was going to send a copy to State Farm (since they were an approved shop), but then chickened out on sending the letters, being afraid that since they actually knew where I lived it might not sit too well to get people fired. Yes, I was spineless and sorry-assed, but still hopping mad. And sure as hell won't send them any business. I just got myself a new sticker.