Thursday, April 05, 2007

Catblogging - Duncan sees a Specialist

...and right now he is the "specialest" cat.Duncan had a fairly rough week, and so did his human mom's credit card. Last time he went to the vet to have his lungs "tapped" they told us that most of the fluid was in the heart and would have to wait for a specialist to help him out, so he's been having a rough time for awhile, waiting for his appointment. He finally got to see the cardiologist on Monday, who removed 180 ml of fluid from his heart -- and that wasn't even all of it! He is breathing a lot better now (although he has been very tired, and no wonder), but none of us like all these meds. He was already getting 2 shots of lasix a day plus 2 ear gels. Now he's getting that, plus 3 nitroglycerin ear cream smears and more pills! They also determined that he also has chronic kidney disease, which needs treatments that are in direct conflict with his congestive heart failure.

Sweetness times two. I wonder if Henry senses that his little buddy hasn't been feeling 100%?

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Ptelea said...

I didn't even know they had cat cardiologists. I do hope he is feeling better and that you can get all of his meds into him without too much conflict. Henry and Duncan look so sweet together!

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Sweet kittens! Cats are soo cool. I love dogs and cats equally. Unconditional love and cuddling.

Blueberry said...

pt: I didn't know they had them either. She sees both cats and dogs (any animal I guess).

ptc: They are so sweet (these two anyway), and always forgive you after medicating them.

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Purrs and Purrs for Duncan, and I suspect Henry knows. Kitty Cats are intuitive! Scritches for all.

Mando Mama said...

Ohhhh, dear Duncan and good Henry. My heart goes out to you, KittyMama. I can't imagine watching 180ml of anything being removed from any creature I loved well. That's rather overwhelming.

Hope everyone is resting better now, human parents included.


Blueberry said...

Poor Duncan. Went back to the doctor on Friday for what we thought was going to be just a blood test, and he had built up enough fluid (in the heart) to need tapping again. This time they got 150 ml. He's got changed meds and we are hoping that helps. We can't fix him. Just trying to make him comfortable. Waiting for more lab work results.