Tuesday, April 03, 2007

GodSmell... or "I AM Woman"

[LINK] There is a new perfume out there called VIRTUE and it is supposed to make you smell godly, or biblical, or something. Here are some of the taglines they use on the ad:

Be reminded of the eternal I AM


Spiritual Fragrance ~ Mimics Spiritual Process

And just to assure you that you are not tarting yourself up for a man’s pleasure, they offer these guidelines:

Spiritual Use of Perfume

  • Begin your spiritual practice (prayer, meditation, contemplation, etc.)
  • Establish your desired spiritual state.
  • Smell your wrist, maintaining awareness of your spiritual state.
  • Keep repeating this association.
  • In the course of your day, let it remind you of your spiritual state by smelling your wrist.
  • Maintaining contact with the Spiritual Self brings inspirations and insights, only available by spiritual awareness.

Smells like snake oil... not that all perfumes aren't selling you snake oil, but they aren't claiming you'll get closer to God, they just claim you'll attract the opposite sex... and we all know that scent is part of that. It's not a false claim, not entirely, anyway. I think that if you really want to remain chaste (if that's the goal in keeping with the whole "virtue" theme), put on a stink... a bad one. It'll work. If you believe that God made frankinscence, then you must believe that God also made piss and vinegar and rotting potatoes. Yes?


Nava said...

Makes you smell biblical?
Bibles smell moldy and old, so you can get the same effect by simply avoiding showering. Saves you the need to walk around smelling your wrist several times a day.

"In the course of your day, let it remind you of your spiritual state by smelling your wrist".
That is hysterical!!

They should add:
* Be nice to the people with the straightjacket who are coming to get you.

Blueberry said...

What's the odor of a sheep? That's an odor that would go good with bible stories... not that I don't adore sheep...

I AM Woman. That's what they should have called it. I must add that to the post title!

beepbeepitsme said...

The perfume makes you smell like a sheep? Can't say I will be buying it.

Which begs the question, what would a perfume smell like if it was made for an atheist?

Would it have the strong smell of chillies to signify them burning in hell?

Blueberry said...

I won't be buying it either at $80 a pop. They've picked scents like frankinscence and myrhh, and they decided that that fruit of the garden of Eden was an apricot, not an apple, so there's apricot in it. I just think sheep would be more appropriate. ;-)

ohhh, what would I smell like if I could? Cinnamon buns, fresh baked bread, chocolate, roses, honeysuckle, rain, all good smells. Definitely not like anything hellish since I don't believe in hell. Call the perfume "Live for Today".

Mando Mama said...

LOL! Wow, that whole thing is scary. What woman wants a man who wants a woman who smells...Biblical?



Nava said...

Mando Mama:
The answer would be: a nun.