Monday, April 02, 2007

Clubbing Gets Whacked

Canadian baby seal clubbers are frustrated this year by the lack of baby seals. Apparently global warming (a.k.a. Al Gore's complete fabrication [snort]) and lack of ice is killing off seals and making them too scarce to begin the operation. [LINK]

Industry getting hit in the purse is unfortunately one of the only things that will make the corporatocracy take notice of something like climate change. It's pretty hard to keep pretending it doesn't exist or will go away on its own. Also, as things warm up, maybe the demand for fur coats will decrease along with the seal population. Fur makes you look fat anyway. It might be warm, but it's not too cool. Seriously.

To replace the loss of income, I'll bet people would pay good money to watch those asses whack each other. At least it's a fair fight.

EDIT: Well, the harvest has begun, in spite of the dwindling seal numbers. They have found some seal pups and have begun the killing. [LINK]


Nava said...

Ah, poor Canadian baby seal clubbers, they must be so upset. My heart is bleeding for them.

So, when does the Canadian clubbers clubbing season begin?

And when does the fat ladies in fur coats stoning season start?

I wanna get ready.

Blueberry said...

I guess the ones in the baby seal coats could easily be "mistaken" for baby seals and accidentally clubbed.

I wouldn't do that myself though. Those people have to live with themselves, and you can't fix "heartless", not even with a rock or a big stick... not that it isn't tempting to try.

MichaelBains said...

Big sticks with giant, pointed barbs of steel on the end of them tend to end heartless troubles.

Sad though. What you said about them clubbin' ea other would definitely sell on Pay Per View.

You know me though. I'll stick to clubbin' with the likes of Sasha and Gabriel and Dresden. They can have the backs of each other's skulls, thanks.