Sunday, April 01, 2007

Got fooled?

Fascinating Facts!

A recent study shows that people with the name Blueberry are 3 times as likely to be frightened of clowns. In addition to this, they are 5 times more likely to be bedwetters and twice as likely to pee in public pools. Scientists are still unsure why this happens.

Quick fact!
43% of all statistics are useless

The above was generated by my favorite little prank-playing site, "Strange Reports." Just enter in some names, towns, etc. and it will generate and emailable pranks that will fool your friends. It's great... but you can only use it once per friend, unless your friends is really dumb or forgetful. Good for kids too (lots of "clean" bathroom humor... which is not just for kids, of course)

By following some links provided by Undeniable Liberal, I discovered a nice spread of political April Foolery posted by John Good. Love that stuff!


Nava said...

I'm never going to swim next to you, that's for sure...

Blueberry said...

Fortunately, there are hardly any people named "Blueberry".

(including me)