Monday, April 23, 2007

Back to The Future in Iowa

[FULL ARTICLE] Riverside, Iowa, is preparing for a blessed event, a second coming of sorts. In 200+ years, on March 22, Captain James T. Kirk will be born there. Like many heroes of legend, especially those are fictional, they don't know his real birthday or even what town in Iowa he is supposed to be born, but the specifics were decided post-Roddenberry. Fans can even visit where Kirk will allegedly be conceived, under a pool table at Murphy's bar, and buy vials of "Kirk dirt". I believe Shatner might tell a person who'd pay $10 for that to "Get a life".

I am a big fan of Star Trek TOS (The Original Series) but not so much the other incarnations of the show. Here's a little trip "back to the future" showing Kirk engaged in his favorite enterprise:

Oh yeah... and Kirk rules!

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pissed off patricia said...

Having never seen a star trek movie I guess I have to sit this one out