Friday, April 06, 2007

Perry's pet is off the leash again

This is priceless. Ted Nugent has outdone even his performance at Goodhair's Inaugural Ball (pictured right) when it comes to helping the guv with a little publicity. This paragraph is verbatim from this week's Austin Chronicle, with the full column (covering other topics) here.
On Tuesday, March 20, rocker Ted Nugent sat down with Evan Smith for an upcoming session of Texas Monthly Talks, and the furor around the "Cat Scratch Fever" author's onstage comments at the Guv's inaugural ball could pale in significance of a new revelation: that Perry's favorite love song is "Wang Dang, Sweet Poontang," with opening couplet "That Nadine, what a teenage queen/She lookin' so clean, especially down in between." The Nuge also clarified that "if you can't speak English, you got to learn as fast as possible or get the hell out of America." He also blamed everything on bureaucrats, bad drivers, and the "overtly irresponsible, unprofessional, obscene left-wing media in Texas" and claimed that no one had said they had been tortured by U.S. forces. But whether Perry distances himself from Nugent could be moot, since his favorite song has the lyrics "She's so sweet when she yanks on my meat." Perry's office was contacted for a comment, but we got no response, possibly because they're all too busy rockin' out to "Yank Me, Crank Me." The interview will appear on KLRU; see for details. – R.W.

Note: I didn't find anything on the KLRU website. Maybe you will have better luck.

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Confused, maybe not said...


I really liked your last comment on beepbeep. So many people reduce Christians to James Dobson types. I am not a Christian nor am I religious, but I certainly like what Jesus is characterized as saying in the sermon on the mount. I came here, 'cause I suspect people are getting tired of my posts. But I like beepbeep's site, I like how wound up people get. I have never seen so many angry atheists on one site. Even though I may have lots in common with them, it's fun for me, not to mention I think it's important, to disrupt many of the commentators misinformed reduction of those participating in many religious traditions. I like that you did it, too. And you are much better at it than I. I tend to be too confrontational at times.

Blueberry said...

It's OK to be confrontational. I am also an angry atheist, and I believe that there are good reasons for the anger, it is really self-defense. We are a widely hated and misunderstood bunch of folks. I am an ex-christian myself and have gone through many phases when it comes to religion and lack thereof, so I know what it's like on the other side. that's why I have tolerance as long as it's reciprocated. I just don't want religion in government.

Now Gov. Perry... he's in bed with the right-wing fundies, so he's part of the big problem IMHO. He's a pro-biz dirty-deal repug, but he's fluffed himself up as a "christian". Puke.

Confused, maybe not said...

I wasn't raised religious, which may be why I'm not as angry as many atheists. I am terrified of ideologues. My biggest worry though is that the community in which I live, a very progressive place, truly disdains religion. There seems to be a strong spiritual hunger in this country. (Even though I don't share it.) I wish more people were aware of alternatives to right wing religious zealots, which means learning about about other expressions of christianity. As one in education, I find this approach very successful with students. I often show those devoted to their childhood religions that there are many ways to understand the biblical text. But first, and this is the hard part, I show them that there is no such thing as a literal bible. These texts are interpretations read through our interpretive eyes. I try to help them see and understand that many intepretations have become facts of the text, but over time - as interpretations change - the facts of the text change. We see this today regarding gay marriage. (I'm not gay, but I believe that the gay community is deeply threatened by the religious right and need help in fighting the religious right.) However, it's somewhat ironic how few people realize that many progressive religious organizations are leading this country to gay rights. The opponents are very loud and will be for some time. But it's only a matter of time. Three out of four Jewish demoninations recognize gay rights, now. And the United Church for Christ recently recognized them, at least their leadership did. The Lutheran church is so close, I bet it happens in the next ten years. We have seen changes in the Episcopal church as well. I could go on and on about anything, so I'll stop here.

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Rick Perry is the epitome of prostitution in politics. Ted Nugent is some no-talent has been with an axe to grind against the very media he would whole-heartedly sell his mother for. Love the song quotes. So very 'christian' in a John Wayne Gacey kinda way!

Mariamariacuchita said...

Perry is a dweeb. He and Nugent belong together.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Nugent used to live about 15 miles from me and that is way too close. what a nut job, and to think that he claims never to have taken drugs.
Sorry that he is now YOUR neighbor, but glad that he left Michigan.

Blueberry said...

I am glad that you got rid of him. He is way to close to Austin for me, but he is literally Dubya's neighbor up around Crawford (AFAIK) so good on them -- they can have a snuggle-fest up there!