Thursday, April 05, 2007

R-Rated Easter (Violence)

The Passion of Mel Gibson is having a lasting effect on Easter celebrations. Apparently, many churches are making their "Passion Plays" a LOT more gorey than they used to, and spending a pretty penny out of your tithings for fake blood.
[LINK]" Performance Studios costuming shop, high season for fake blood is right now, and the biggest buyers are churches.

"At Halloween, we sell blood by the ounce. At Easter, we sell blood by the gallon," says Gary Broadrick, owner of Performance Studios."
For what they are spending on stuff like fake blood, they could help out a homeless person on a cold, hungry night. Just my heretical opinion. And you know what? If Jesus were able to return to this world, I'll bet the last thing on earth he would want to see is blood, even fake blood. Blood, or a cross, or nails, or a crown of thorns.

Hat tip for pool of blood photoshop effect.

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Nava said...

Hmm... at first sight, I was certain your blogpost is about chocolate. Guess I had the screen at a wrong angle, or maybe it's my non-suspecting charming naive self.
(Me, who is perceived by some as a killing machine)...

I like your heretic point a lot.

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

blood and guts! that's what it's all about. how very pro life of those ruckmackers.

luckily i am a non-believer, so on 'easter' (another 'holiday' ripped off by the christians from the pagans) i watch "when harry met sally" or "sleepless in seattle."
no blood and guts there!

Blueberry said...

nava: Chocolate! Well, back to the drawing board! Needs more red!!! So... how was that neck-snapping class? [just kidding]

PTC (Anj): Yeah, it's all about blood all right! Blood sacrifice. Ugh. It used to be about fertility... waaaay back in time. Actually we are going to see Grindhouse on Saturday, so that's pretty bloody, but gotta support our Austin film-boys. I hear it's got a great car chase.... and certainly lots of that fake blood that the churches are using so much of.

owlhouse said...

I wonder if I'll be able to read any theatre reviews of the more elaborate productions...

Also, I'm not clear on the inspiration for this new trend. Mel Gibson? The vengeful, blood-letting, "christian", republican right? The crucifixion of Jesus?

Thanks for the link!

Mariamariacuchita said...

Mel the bigot probably does not care. It's funny that Christianity is, in some places, reverting to pagan blood rituals. Better to feed the poor and clothe the naked.

Nava said...

But it's easier to spill blood, fake or not, than take care of the real important stuff.
Same all story, all over.

Mando Mama said...

Oh man, that's just entirely too creepy. What a great story, though you'd never see it in any cities Daily Rag. Damn.