Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And of course, Gov Goodhair likes the idea

What could possibly go wrong if teachers in public schools are armed on the job? Well, all kinds of hellishness. It's unimaginable, really.

My friend is a teacher, and her rationalization for teachers deserving and needing to have summers off is that teachers get soooo stressed, pressured and nerve-wracked that they really have to have that long break or they will just lose their minds. My counter-argument was that the police, firefighters, paramedics, and 911 phone bank operators should also get summers off - but that did not sway her opinion of her situation.

Back to the topic... I really hate to think of the stressed and nerve-wracked teachers thinking that a gun might be a handy thing to have. They might even shoot each other if school politics are anything like office politics in general - and thankfully people are not allowed to be armed in the office unless their job involves it. There's a reason for laws like that. More likely is that a student will get hold of the teacher's gun, and there you go, back to all kinds of hellishness.

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DrDon said...

This seems to be the only so-called "advanced" nation that believes the solution to many social ills is more guns.

Mariamariacuchita said...

3 words...very bad idea.

Freida Bee said...

As a person who will be a teacher in a middle school within a year, I am deeply opposed to this idea. If being a teacher changes my mind, then I would think that a bad sign, as far as my judgement goes. I know that at my daughter's high school there are bullet-proof classrooms. When there is a threat, classrooms are locked down. I'm sure it's for safety, but it sounds scary if you're in the classroom with the gun. From the way she tells me drugs are being in the hallways, it doesn't sound like there could be too good a track on what the students are possessing. I'm not sure if there are metal detectors. My other daughter's school does not allow students the use of lockers. I think the reason is related to the possibility of students carrying weapons in them. There have to be other ways to handle this than more weapons, as drdon says.

Sator Arepo said...

EVERYONE should get 3 months off, IMHO.

Blueberry said...

Time off is something I can barely remember from another time and place. I do think that people need a nice block of time off. Unfortunately, some of us can't have it. (I think I am just jealous of the teachers and students) (and people whose time management is better than mine)