Friday, August 29, 2008

The race is on.

How about that little party in Denver on Thursday! WOW WOW WOW!

Some very brief and general comments:

It's funny how Democrats and Republicans have used some of the same music -- and it's been very appropriate and fitting for the Dems but clueless and lawsuit-worthy for Repugs. Anyway, good song choices. Surprise corker one-liner from Barney Smith, shoulda seen it coming but didn't. Good one. Nice to see Susan Eisenhower up there not sounding like she's actually a Republican. Speaking of Republicans, check out this little article on Cindy McCain's half-sister, (Cindy not *really* an only child as she previously claimed) who is not planning on voting for McCain. And speaking of McCain, how about Mr. "Experience is Everything" selecting a VP with less than 2 years experience as a governor, and before that the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, a town with less than 6,000 people as of the year 2000. She has never been to Iraq, but she WAS Miss Congeniality in the Wasilla pageant and a runner-up for Miss Alaska. Here's her 1984 picture. She's a distractingly good-looking woman, that's for sure. Ready to be President of the United States? This must be a joke. I don't even think McCain has what it takes. Go get her, Joe.


Mariamariacuchita said...

She'll be a perfect match for the Repub wimmen. My full comment is on my blog!

Border Explorer said...

I like your commentary on the evening very much, much unlike the "talking heads" commentary on TV, which I avoid by watching C-Span.

I LOLed at Barney Smith. Then--when the crowd chanted "Bar ney, Bar ney," well, I suppose that had to be orchestrated, but it was GREAT drama. Thus, completely forgivable!

Blueberry said...

Oh yes, and I forgot to add:

Bravo C-Span! You Rawk!

konagod said...

Having watched the DNC, mostly on the HD live feed channel on Dish Network, I can honestly say I enjoyed it even more than the Olympics.

I am hoping they'll do the same for the Republicans. That circus in HD is going to have me in stitches.

As for music during the DNC, I remember Hillary's and I thought it was great. It skewed younger, edgier, and made me realize just how good she is with politics.

DrDon said...

McCain's choice was a good one for those of us who feel that if women want to run the country, they should at least look sexy doing it. :-)

Freida Bee said...

Oh, Johnny just made the best choice for America evah... 'cause this is going to cost him the election.


Blueberry said...

DrDon: shame on you, but I'm sure that it IS a factor that was considered. There is a double standard for men and women whether we like it or not. Even many women feel that way.

FB: I soooo hope you are right.

kona: MrB is not a convention watcher so I will probably not see it, but yeah, what a circus it will be, complete with elephants.