Wednesday, August 27, 2008

City of Immigrants

This is wonderful. Steve Earle is someone that I've always liked, but never really listened to a lot. Then I picked up his Washington Square Serenade CD (it was a demo freebie being offered at a charity event) and I am really enjoying it. This song is really stuck in my head now, along with a couple more from the album. City of Immigrants.

It's about New York City, but the message applies to the whole world, as the chorus says, "all of us are immigrants." People have spread out all over the planet, it's what we do.

Just some food for thought.

I got my CD free, but it's definitely worth buying.

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Th' Rev said...

Quite a story on our boy Steve...crack addict,junkie,Nashville reject,Texas boy.
I love Steve Earle!
Saw him at the back room with his band and half of the Pogues for the Copperhead road tour and again at the Backyard with Del McCoury in the round,old school grand old opry style-it was awesome.
My favorite CD is Train's a comin'-you should check it out.
I like this song...will definately pick this up.Thanks for sharing BB!