Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's always somethin'

Well, here it is, the big long weekend, and I actually got caught up with work (see previous post). I still have work in the InBox here but can put most of it off with a minimum of guilt. I did have a few fires to put out, but those are unavoidable and luckily didn't take much time. Friday afternoon we were both off, and made the annual pilgrimage to the incredibly dreary and uninteresting Mall to redeem the gift certificate from Sears that my mother-in-law sends for my birthday.

I liked the SEARS sign.

I decided to go for the white sale and get some new towels, and they had some great 50%-off stuff. There was an older woman cashier who was helping us, (and "older" just means "older than me," that's the new definition especially since I am of a "certain age" myself) and she had quite an attitude. I said I was looking for thick towels, and she said she couldn't understand why anyone would want thick towels, she didn't like them and couldn't use them, but she showed us where the "hotel-style" towels were. Ohhh-Kayyy... thanks. There were two choices of super-thick towels, one with diamond-shaped flocking and one with parallel stitching along the ends. I chose 2 flocked towels and another one, a different brand made from bamboo. When checking out she remarked that she liked the ones with the stitching better, and also seemed to be appalled that all 3 towels didn't match. THEY WERE ALL WHITE. I didn't snark back, even though it was tempting to say that they would match the hotel towels we already have, but without Adams Mark or Ritz Carlton written on them. Cashiers at the Mall have a shitty job so why make it more unpleasant if it's not really necessary?

So much for the beginning of the weekend. On Saturday I got pretty sick with a fever and sore throat, most likely another damned sinus infection following a week of dealing with Fall Elm allergy. Another annual event. The fever kept me down all day Saturday, and today (Sunday) the fever is reduced some but still nursing a sore throat and an earache. Maybe I should go back to the EARS store.


Mariamariacuchita said...

Hope you feel better soon...EARS, gotta love it. I love new towels.

Blueberry said...

I will probably be feeling better next week after the holiday. Can't catch a break.

Mando Mama said...

That stinks. At least you can have a warm tubby and use your new towels! Ear-throat things are the worst... I always pack it heavy on the echinacea once I am finally sick, don't know if that would help ya. You really just can't catch a break, can you? :-(