Thursday, August 14, 2008

Drive-by posting

Still working my danged fool head off, but taking a small break here to check in. So what's coming up that you are excited about?

The Punch Brothers (featuring Chris Thile, previously of Nickel Creek) finally decided to grace Austin with a gig... technically two, one right after the other on the same night at the Cactus Cafe, so I had to scrape all my pennies together for the finest mandolin player on earth (in my very humble opinion) and a great band as well. That show is in mid-September. Here they are playing "Wolfcreek Pass"

As for movies, my cousin has one out now, but I haven't seen it and have to say it doesn't look that good to me. Swing Vote. Kevin Costner is my 2nd cousin once removed (more about that here) but I must admit I haven't seen much of his stuff since Waterworld. {sigh} Has anyone seen Swing Vote? Star Wars: The Clone Wars, this brings another deep sigh. I was very disappointed in the latest Star Wars Trilogy (eps 1-3), and this one looks will be seen by us on DVD while pretending to be 10 years old. Tropic Thunder looks much better, but Burn After Reading (out in September) is the next one I'm psyched about.

Music this week: We will try to see Paula Nelson at Central Market on Friday (that's a free one), and Grupo Fantasma at the Nutty Brown on Saturday. Probably maybe on those.

Back to running in the wheel. Too bad I can't use the motion of the mouse to send power to the house.

Finishing this drive-by with a completely off-topic left-field comment, and I have previously given my opinion about his campaign in light of the recent revelations, and now think that this is not news anymore: anyone in the media who claims to care about the feelings of a woman with cancer (and also claims to somehow embody family values, talking to you, right-wing nutjobs) should stop harping on endlessly (over the airwaves and on the newsstands) about the sordid details of her husband's extramarital affairs. The woman already hurts bad enough.

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enigma4ever said...

I read this- and I have to say I really am worried about Elizabeth....this is the last thing she so sad..and so unreal...and you just knew that limpass would jump all over it...I was dreading that as soon as I saw the Woodruff interview and yes I knew that some how the rightwingnutjobs would blame her...omg they are evil....


( and yeah, I have NUTHIN to say about him...anger and rage? no more like total disgust....I mean my gads this woman is fighting for her life and he has to go and satisfy what kind of narrcisstic urges..)

Okay ..enuf from me..

I put you in my blog round up are one of the smartest women writers out there in blogatopia....

Ingrid said...

Blueberry..when you resurface, give me a call and we'll have for Elizabeth..she must feel so tired.. I get tired from all that juvenile rightwing idiocy..

hope she survives this again..

hang in there and enjoy your musical interludes..