Thursday, August 21, 2008

Purrsday Night - Jax on the Catwalk

click to enlargeJax, as you may know if you read here, has a problem with excessive grooming -- he's down to just one problem spot now, a nipple. By excessive, I mean he has licked off the skin, and almost the nipple too. A month ago, we finally resorted to Prozac, which, so far, has NOT worked. Several days ago we doubled the dose, got some "calming" medication for his boo-boo, but it isn't supposed to be licked off so we tried an e-collar on him. FAILURE. He had so much trouble walking in it that it was dangerous with the stairs and all, so I returned it. Yesterday I was got desperate, and not finding a soft e-collar at the pet stores (I went to two) I brought him home a dog shirt. No clue what size to get as I had only measured his neck and not his waistline. This thing fit him like an old band uniform. Poor guy! I cut it up the middle back to give him some more belly room but it was still a squeeze. It didn't even cover his hurty spot, but it seemed to get his mind off it for awhile. Here he is, wearing (probably) his first-ever shirt:

click to enlargeToday, I went to the Goodwill and shopped for him in the Infant section. Now, I am kidfree and have never shopped for baby clothes before, but it was really kind of fun. They have the cutest shirts! I always wish I could find them in my size! Look at this cutester. More bananas, please! He's wearing this one pretty well, and even though it makes him pout him when the shirt goes on, he has demonstrated that he can run in it if there's food involved, and he even wore it to the litter pan. (good boy). I won't put it on him if he's unsupervised. Too much trouble waiting to happen.

The jury is still out on whether putting a shirt on this cat will encourage him to let his belly heal.

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Mariamariacuchita said...

Both shirts are adorable and the film is hilarious. Anything to stop that cat from licking!!

Blueberry said...

We can't help but laugh. We told Jax we are laughing WITH him and not AT him, but of course, cats don't laugh. And he sure isn't seeing the humor in it.


Mando Mama said...

OMG, that is high-larious. I can hear him thinking, "Don't care. I'm still a cat." That shirt rather suits him. You may be on to something, I tell ya.